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Tally.ERP 9 product Highlights


No matter what the size of your business is or to which industry it belongs,
Accounting and Finance are crucial to its functioning.

Tally accounting expertise reflects in the easy-to-use and flexible accounting
module in Tally.ERP 9. This accounting prowess enables you to significantly
improve your operations and profitability, and reduce costs. The key to success
for any business lies in making the right decisions at the right time. Tally.ERP 9
helps you access crucial information which in turn aids quick decisions, putting
you on the road to success.

Comprehensive List of Accounting Features: -
♦ Complete Bookkeeping
♦ Receivable and Payables
   Outstanding Management
♦ Credit Management
♦ Cash Flow and Fund Flow
♦ Ratio Analysis & Financial
♦ Interest Calculation
♦ Scenario Management
♦ Cost & Profit Centres
♦ Multi-Currency Accounting
♦ Budget & Controls    
♦ Post-dated Vouchers
♦ Consolidation of Companies
♦ Order, Invoice, Voucher &
   Cheque Printing
♦ Sales/Tax Invoicing
♦ Excise Invoicing
♦ Item Wise and Invoice-wise
♦ POS Invoicing & Registers
♦ Purchase Invoicing
♦ Additional Cost of Purchase


Organisations of all kinds strive to optimise inventory. Excess inventory and under inventory
both cause financial stress and adversely impact business growth.

Tally.ERP 9 helps you get complete visibility, at any point of time, to your inventory.
It lets you plan your business with certainty and take decisions regarding reorder levels,
discounts, stock ageing, etc. This helps you meet variations in demand, cater to seasonal
or cyclic demands, procure raw material, take advantage of price increases or discounts,
reduce inventory costs, and hence increase profits.

Comprehensive List of Inventory Features: -
♦ Sales Order Processing
♦ Stock Query From Invoice
♦ Price List & Discount Management
♦ Item Batch Wise Details
♦ Multi-Level Classification of Items
♦ Purchase Order Processing    
♦ Reorder Levels
♦ Multiple Stock Valuations
♦ Flexible Units of Measure
♦ Alternate & Compound Units
   of Measure
♦ Multi-Location Stock Control
♦ Physical Stock Verification


If you are a manufacturer or a job worker, you would definitely want to reduce operational
overheads and increase operational efficiency. Crucial in a manufacturing environment,
this helps maintain the balance between productivity, cost, and turnaround time.

Tally.ERP 9 helps you plan, manage and monitor your manufacturing and job work
requirements to increase performance. Seamlessly integrated modules of Accounting,
Inventory and Manufacturing help you strike a balance between sales, finance and your
customers. Strength with flexibility is what your manufacturing process needs, and that
is where we come in!

Comprehensive List of Manufacturing Highlights: -
♦ Job Work Processing
♦ Gate Pass for Job Work (Annexure II)
♦ Job Work Related Reports
♦ Multi Bill of Material
♦ Manufacturing Journal
♦ Multiple Godown


While businesses carry out their day-to-day operations, it is extremely important that all
government and legal regulations are being adhered to.

Be it calculation of your taxes such as VAT/CST, Service Tax, TCS & TDS, or generation
of Forms, Challans, Reports and e- Returns, Tally.ERP 9 is ready to handle all your
statutory needs. Now, stay continuously compliant with all statutory requirements applicable
to your business.

Comprehensive List of Statutory Features: -
♦ Value Added Tax (VAT)
♦ Central Sales Tax (CST)
♦ E-filing (VAT/CST & Excise)
♦ Service Tax
♦ Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
♦ Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
♦ Excise for Manufacturers


A productive and satisfied workforce is the key to success for any business.

Streamline your payroll data entry processes, accurately calculate payroll deductions,
or calculate pay by attendance or productivity. Do much more with Tally.ERP 9, to
experience an efficient and integrated Payroll for your business. Count on Tally.ERP 9’s
comprehensive payroll capability to reduce administrative expenses and save time!

Comprehensive List of Payroll Features: -
♦ Payslip Printing & Emailing
♦ Employee Category /
   Group Wise Pay Sheet
♦ Employee Profile,
   Group & Category
♦ Employee Pay Structure Management
♦ Attendance Recording & Pay Process
♦ Payroll Accounting    
♦ Personal Income Tax With
   Reports & E- Returns
♦ Payroll Statutory (PF/ESI)
♦ PF/ESI E- Returns
♦ Payroll Exception Reports
♦ Employee Profile Report
♦ Payment advice

Banking Feature

♦ Auto/Manual Bank Reconciliation Statement
♦ Cheque Lifecycle Management
♦ Preconfigured/Manually Configured
   Cheque Printing
♦ Cash/Cheque Deposit Slip Printing

Audit & Compliance

 ♦ MCA Reports in XBRL Format
♦ Revised Scheduled VI (Balance Sheet
   and P&L Statement)
♦ Statutory Audit
♦ Tax Audit

MIS Reporting

♦ Comparative Reports
♦ Exception Reports
♦ Payment Performance of Debtors
♦ Stock Ageing Analysis
♦ Stock Movement Analysis
♦ Profit Analysis
♦ Job Costing Analysis
♦ Ratio Analysis
♦ Final Account Reports
♦ Income & Expenditure Statements
♦ Scenario Management
♦ Cheque Register
Internet Based Capabilities

♦ Emailing of Document & Reports
♦ Online Help and Support
♦ Online Access to Knowledge Base
♦ License & User Management
♦ Complete Remote Access
♦ SMS with Natural Language Support
♦ TallyShop
♦ Jobs & Recruitment
♦ Live Updates
♦ Message Centre
Data Change capabilities

♦ Export Reports in Different Formats like
   Excel, PDF & JPEG
♦ Export and Import Data through XML
♦ Data Synchronization
♦ Tally ODBC
♦ Upload Data to HTTP Web Server
Data Security capabilities

♦ Auto backup
♦ Manual Backup and Restore
♦ User Wise Security Controls
♦ TallyVault
♦ TallyAudit
♦ Enhanced Password Policy
Other Path Breaking Feature

♦ Image Printing (logo)
♦ Any Date Based Reporting
♦ Flexible Financial Records
♦ Split Financial Year
♦ Flexible Voucher Numbering
♦ User Defined Voucher Types
♦ Multi-Language Support (11
   Indian Languages)
♦ Grouping & Categorization of Stock Items
♦ Percentage based Reporting
♦ Multi Account Reporting
♦ Running Balance Display in Ledger
   Voucher Reports
♦ Multi Stock Duty Alteration
♦ Context Sensitive Help
♦ Drill-down Display
♦ Data Migration From Earlier Versions of
   Tally Software